Caregiver Burn Out
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If you are a caregiver, have you experienced chronic low-grade aches and
pains? Are you constantly trying new drugs or alternative medicines to get
more energy?

Often caregivers are susceptible to unrecognized stress. If you find
yourself experiencing the following symptoms for more than two weeks, be
aware they may affect your caregiving abilities and you may be headed toward  caregiver burnout. It is important that you begin to address your own needs before you suffer a breakdown or a serious illness.

Physical Signs
Frequent headaches
Back or neck pain
Muscle spasms
Poor personal hygiene
Chronic fatigue or lack of energy
Disrupted sleeping patterns, including nightmares
Heart palpitations
Digestive problems, such as diarrhea, constipation, or nausea
Susceptiblity to illness
Decreased interest in sex

Emotional Signs
Anger, irritability, or resentment
Sadness or unexplained crying episodes
Inability to experience joy or happiness
Anxiety or guilt
Apathy or isolation
Mood swings
Loss of a sense of control Feelings of hopelessness or of being trapped
Inability to concentrate or make decisions
Suicidal thoughts or the urge to hurt others
Inability to face another day
Feelings of failiure

Behavioral Signs
Overreaction to criticism
Increased use of nicotine, alcohol or drugs
Decreased productivity at work
Loss of interest in hobbies
No time for friends
Overeating or not eating enough
Refusing to take vacations