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At Macadam Court, our goal is to create a residence with a comfortable yet relaxed family atmosphere equipped with all living necessities required to promote a healthy, caring and loving community. To provide the best possible care, our residents will be evaluated to ensure a comprehensive care plan is discussed with family and our staff at Macadam Court.

Monthly Service Fees:

Long Term Care

Rates available upon request


All rooms are private with large windows and private built-in closets. Basic cable television & local telephone services included. We encourage our residents to bring items that will help personalize their rooms including room furnishings, a favorite chair, pictures & paintings, special blankets, night lights and other comfort items.

Please remember not to bring any valuable or irreplaceable items such as jewelry or family heirlooms that may be lost, damaged or misplaced.


**Don’t forget to label all personal items such as eye glasses, hearing aids or dentures**